Add A Recipe

Your Bar must be an Official iSexy Party Network HotSpot and the drink must be an original recipe, any type: hot, cold, flaming, non-alcoholic & shooters; including body shot and upside down! If you wish, you may include i2Sexy, iSexy or iSex…..… in the name of your drink, IE: iSexual Stephen’s Saloon.

The Drink Architect will receive 2,500 Party Points, for each accepted original drink recipe, redeemable for any of the thousands of quality gifts found in our iSexy Redpoints Gift Mall. You & Your Bar will receive kudos for your delicious concoction and Worldwide Recognition through our iSexy Party Network App and Website!

Put your Drink Architects up to the Challenge, Print & Hang this Poster where they will see it! Have a meeting with your staff encouraging them to be creative and design the best tasting and unique signature drink that truly symbolizes your bar, that one drink the whole world will be talking about! You can even turn this into a Contest between your staff members, give a prize to the best recipe!

Accepted Image File Types = .gif | .png | .jpeg | .jpg | .tif

  • Branding is very important, Upload a good quality square image of your Company Logo, No Smaller than 250 by 250px and on a black backgroundI
  • Upload a good quality square 500 x 500px image of your Signature Drink, with no distractions, such as drink rail mats, napkins or bottles, etc. displaying graphics & logos other than the ingredients in your signature drink!
NOTE : Branding is Very Important, Your Company Logo should be a square 250 x 250px image and Your Signature Drink should be a square 500 x 500px image. ( accepted image file type = .gif | .png | .jpeg | .jpg | .tif )